Friday, December 2, 2011

Find feature name from id

There have been several cases, where I am trying to deploy something and it gives me an error saying 'Dependency of the below feature' etc. The error message just gives me a Feature Id. How to find out the name of the feature given the feature id.
The simplest way is to query the content database. Go to the database server of your sharepoint installation and type the below command:

use wss_content
select * from FeatureTracking where FeatureId like '8%'

Here feature id is the one in the error you are getting. You will get all the details of your feature. Use the content database of your particular web application.


  1. Is there commands/paramaters that can be applied to ignore or bypass the dependent features and my feature would able to deploy successfully?

    I faced one problem where, I have to activate one feature that I got from different server, when I am activating to some other server it asked for dependent feature (a site definition feature).
    What I want that I would able to configure that feature on some different site defintion instead of earlier one.

    Any idea?


  2. Bihari,

    If you have some dependency defined, it will not install without the dependent feature. If you want it otherwise, you will need to modify the feature definition file and then deploy again.